Container GPS Tracking System

Management & Efficiency

Companies tend to over purchase or over lease containers and are often poor at managing and tracking containers—often losing track throughout the supply chain. If businesses used a stringent tracking, location and control system, this can increase the overall usage of containers and reduce over purchase. A lack of a flexible oversight system also delays maintenance and repairs and makes repair work difficult to predict, which causes unnecessary expense and delays. Proper management through tracking systems can reduce bottlenecks and maximize efficiency and profits.

Theft & Damage

With the increasing risk of theft, misplacement and other problems that prevent an important shipment reaching its destination, container tracking is more and more vital to logistics companies nowadays. We provide our clients with tailored solutions to meet all their tracking and security needs.

Track, Monitor, Recover

Lifeng’s Container Tracking Solutions will allow you to maximize the benefits of your assets by providing end-to-end visibility and comprehensive data services. A good tracking system enables proactive management of asset use and maintenance. This will result in reduced cost of ownership, and increase asset availability and lifespans. Further efficiency can be gained through improvement of overall performance and delivery times, with lower operational costs.