Leasing of Containers

A container investment allows individual investors to reap the rewards of owning shipping containers. The investor purchases a container, and subsequently leases the containers to end users, typically shipping companies. A high utilization rate and reliable lessees ensure a steady income.

Trading of Containers

Lifeng is actively involved in the trading of containers. We purchase and sell containers to reliable customers worldwide every year. We cooperate with resale professionals and have an extensive network of worldwide depots. Besides selling our own containers, we also regularly purchase used containers from shipping lines and other customers. Depending on the needs of the customers, we can redeliver the containers to different locations. We are a reliable supplier and trading partners of dry, refrigerated and special containers in the market. If you are finding quality containers, Lifeng can be your solution.

Managed Container Programme


Lifeng offers our customers investment opportunities in container portfolios. Lifeng will aid or advise the customer in selecting containers with suitable characteristics matching the age and return criteria set by the investor. Afterwards, using decades of investment management experience in containers, we will ultimately finalize a purchase agreement and provide maintaining, leasing, monitoring, administration and management services in return for an all-in management fee. Our investors receive a cash return distributed from an ongoing collection of lease receivables, much like a monthly property rental receipt. With a high utilization of leased containers in the international shipping market, the investor has a steady cash return. The management services of a professional, adaptive and experienced management team such as Lifeng’s, and our rigorous risk management controls can increase the reward to risks ratio of the investment.